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Suzuki GT750 - Mudguards

At the moment have a standard rear mudguard on the bike as was taking too long to make a seat to match the GS750 tail piece so this mudguard is in the cupboard waiting.

Click the images below for full sized pictures most are sized around 1200 x 900

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardsMaking a stainless steel rear mudguard.

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardsStarted as a flat 1.5mm thick piece of plate, then bent into a 'U' section. Welded 2 bars across to help prevent distortion while welding.

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardsMade some stainless M8 threaded inserts and welded them in with stainless rods.

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardWelded on the end plate.

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardsWelded on the front inserts drilled 6.5mm then cut off the cross supports now the welding is finished

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardsWill tidy up the welds with a dremel and a grinding wheel.

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardsWelded on 2 x M6 inserts for bolting on the rear light and number plate.

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardsStarted cutting the profile, had to use a disc cuter as stainless is about 1.6mm thick and almost impossible to saw by hand.

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguards

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardsStarted polishing the mudguard.

Suzuki GT750 rear mudguardsSuzuki GT750 rear mudguardsSuzuki GT750 rear mudguardsSuzuki GT750 rear mudguardsSuzuki GT750 rear mudguardsSuzuki GT750 rear mudguards

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Last updated .. 12 May, 2017